EL PRIORATO de Trespaderne.

Born from the renovation of a 17th century house by Atienza-Maure architects, EL PRIORATO is a boutique hotel where history seamlessly intertwines with contemporarity.

Starting from a meticulous research of the Priories, a new symbol echoing the past was crafted with a timeless allure, complemented by carefully selected typefaces. Aligned with the concept, a color palette of grey and off-white was chosen, symbolizing the coexistence of past and present within the establishment.
With a clear and straightforward design, the website not only facilitates booking stays but also serves as a medium for communicating and promoting the discovery of the surrounding natural heritage.

Special thanks to Alonso & Laura Atienza for their trust, open vision and many rides to El Priorato de Trespaderne.
Creative Direction, Design & Film Photography: Lucía Peralta
Web Development: Carlos Mayo

Architecture: Atienza-Maure
Photography: Simone Bossi, Luís Díaz Díaz

Case Study with the immense help of Edu San Valentín
Project reference board︎︎︎